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1. What tests are available for me?
Short progress tests can be taken after Stages 4 and 8 of Book I and after Stages 22 and 26 of Book III. Formal Graded Tests are available after Stage 12 (i.e. at the end of Book I) after Stage 16 (midway through Book II), after Stage 20 (at the end of Book II) and after Stage 28 (at the end of Book III). Although we would encourage you to take the tests, you should note that they are not compulsory.

UK national qualifications are available as follows:

  • Level 1 Certificates in Latin are available at the end of Book II (Stage 20);
  • The Level 2 Certificate in Latin Language & Roman Civilisation is available at the end of Book III (Stage 28);
  • The Level 2 Certificate in Latin Language is available at the end of Book V (Stage 40).

Please note, while the Level Certificates still exist as qualifications, in England they do not count towards the English Baccalaureate. If you reside in England, we therefore recommend the Eduqas certificate.

  • The Eduqas certificate is available following the Eduqas courses;
  • AS and A Level qualifications are also available following the AS and A Level courses.

2. Can the Cambridge Latin Course tests also be taken online?
Normally, you receive a paper copy of the tests and you post your answers to your e-tutor. Students are trusted to complete the tests under examination conditions.

3. How are the Cambridge Latin Course tests administered?
Attainment (but not Graded) tests are sent by the e-tutor to the student either electronically, as an attached document, or in the post. Independent learners do the tests at home and send their scripts to their e-tutor, who then marks the work and informs the student of the results. At the end of Book I (Stage 12) midway through and end of Book II (Stages 16 and 20) and end of Book III (Stage 28), e-tutors mark the student's script and send it to the CSCP office for moderation. E-tutors are informed of the outcome of moderation and they, in turn, let their students know whether they passed the test.

4. Will I receive a letter grade at the end?
Your e-tutor will inform you what marks you have achieved in the respective tests. All certificates, however, merely indicate successful completion of the relevant tests.
Students following the externally examined courses (Eduqas, AS and A Level courses) will receive their grade information from the examination board via their examination centre.

5. Will I receive a formal qualification/certificate at the end of my studies?
You can take a Graded Test accredited by the University of Cambridge at the end of Book I (Stage 12), midway through Book II (Stage 16), at the end of Book II (Stage 20) and at the end of Book III (Stage 28). Successful completion of the tests results in certification from the University of Cambridge.
Those following the Eduqas, AS and A Level courses will receive formal certification from the examination board.

6. Can I receive accreditation to satisfy the American education system?
We are able to provide a letter, signed by the Director of CSCP, to confirm that you have studied and completed to our satisfaction Latin 1, Latin 2 and Latin 3. Please contact the Independent Learner Manager for more details.