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Here you will find the sessions and resources for Eduqas Literature and Sources (Themes): Romans in the Countryside. This syllabus is valid from 2024 to 2026.

Please note that only current Eduqas Language Independent Learners are eligible for enrolment.

Using a selection of literature and archaeological evidence, you will study how the Romans thought of the countryside and nature. As we in the 21st century examine more critically how human beings interact with the natural world and our impact upon the planet and its climate, it can be useful and thought-provoking to see how humans throughout history have thought about nature and their place in it. 


Your e-tutor will always be an experienced, enthusiastic Latin teacher, who knows the course well and is familiar with ways to help you with any issues which may arise during the course. He or she is unlikely to be involved in this project for the money! Rather your tutor will want to help you get the most out of your study of Latin and the Roman world.

When you enrol for the course, we will send you, by post, amongst other materials, an Independent Learner's Guide, detailing what work to undertake in each session. For examination courses (Eduqas, AS/A Level), sessions are held online. Almost all sessions have a designated assignment to send to your e-tutor. Your e-tutor will mark your work and return it to you, with ideas on how you might improve and, like any tutor, will try to explain an idea or concept to you if you are not certain about it. You do not have to send work if you do not wish to do so, of course, but we strongly recommend that you do, as this will both inform you of how you are progressing, and help your e-tutor to assist you in your learning.

Most of our e-tutors tell us that they would like to be contacted by their students more frequently, rather than less, and no limit is placed on the amount of times you may contact your e-tutor.
All e-tutors have completed a Criminal Records Bureau disclosure and are competent in sending, receiving and marking work electronically. Should you have any concerns about your e-tutor at any stage, you can contact our office at any time.

Our free Component 2 Latin Literature and Sources materials, including the set texts in interactive electronic format, as well as digital commentary, and printable resources such as editable text, Teacher's notes, a Student Study Book, and interlinear word order and translations, are found here


The following files are available to download to assist with your course.

*** Only students enrolled on the course and the course tutors can access downloadable course materials ***

There are 8 study sessions for the literature component, each requiring around 2 hours of study. The total study time for the course is therefore around 16 hours.


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