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The University of Cambridge School Classics Project can teach you Latin or Classical Civilisation via the following online distance learning courses:

Beginners Latin

Book I Latin: £275

Book II Latin: £300

Book III Latin: £325

GCSE-Level Latin Course

Eduqas (9-1) full course: £600
(Comprises Language, Literature and Roman Civilisation components)

Individual components:
Eduqas/OCR GCSE Language component (CLC Books IV and V): £300
Eduqas Literature component: £175
Eduqas Roman Civilisation component: £175

Latin Literature Courses

(These are gcse-level Latin literature courses for those who may have studied Latin at gcse or O Level in the past.)

Prose: £150

Verse: £150

A-Level Latin

AS Latin; A Level (second part) (£995 each year)

Single component: £550

A-Level Classical Civilisation

AS Classical Civilisation; A Level (second part) Classical Civilisation (£995 each year)

Single component: £550


All courses are open to you, wherever you are in the world and whatever your age and background.

There are many considerations to address when starting a course as an independent learner. Therefore we have provided a Frequently Asked Questions section to help answer the most common queries. However, if you do not find an answer to your query, please do contact us for help and advice. 

Feedback on our courses is extremely positive. To find out what students think about our courses, please see our reviews.
For full details of any course, select the particular course from the menu on the left and then use the sub-menu which you will find in the right-hand column in each course area.



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