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1. May I pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro, Delta, Fort Oak and JCB.

2. Can I pay in instalments?
No, the full enrolment fee is due at the outset.

3. From the time I pay, how long does it take to have everything set up so that I can start the class?
Once we receive payment we will send you the Independent Learning Manual (ILM) and the ILM Answer Book alongside the Independent Learners' Guide that contains your study plan (if appropriate). We also need to arrange for an e-tutor to support your learning. This process is usually completed within a couple of weeks.

4. Does the time that the e-tutor is available commence when I pay or when I start the class?
The e-tutoring period commences on the start date of your course. A formal letter will be sent to you with the details of your e-tutor and your start and finish dates.

5. Can I claim any money back if I decide to withdraw?
Unfortunately, no refund can be given after you enrol. This is because the e-tutors receive their payment at the outset.