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1. Is there an age limit for starting a course?
There is no age limit. We have students from age 8 to those in their 80s!

2. May I begin a course at anytime?
You can start a course whenever you wish, provided that we have an e-tutor available at the time. Those following the externally examined courses (Eduqas, AS and A Level courses) should remember that examinations take place in May/June each year and students are advised to start by September in the year before the examination.

3. What are the technical requirements for following a course?
In order to take the course you need to have email and internet access.

4. How do I enrol?
Details of how to enrol for each course are set out in the relevant area for that course.

5. Can I take an entire course online?
Most courses consist of a variety of materials. They are primarily print-based courses supported by online interactive resources and e-mail support from a qualified e-tutor. Therefore, for all courses it is necessary to purchase the relevant print publications.

6. What support do I receive ?
When you enrol, we will provide you with a course outline and study plan to follow. We also provide you with e-tutor support. For full details of what materials we will send you and what support your e-tutor will provide, please visit the relevant area for that course.

7. What will my e-tutor do?
Your e-tutor will be responsible for directing your learning; marking your work; providing individual support and guidance for improvement. However, it is up to you to make the most of the service by working closely with your e-tutor and asking him/her for help whenever you need to. Most of our e-tutors say that they would like to be contacted more often by their students rather than less!

8. What work should I send to my e-tutor?
Your study plan includes details of which pieces of work to send to your e-tutor. The work varies from course to course.

9. May I progress at my own pace or are there deadlines to meet?
Yes, you can progress at a speed that suits you, but remember you have a maximum period of e-tutor support, as defined in the individual course details. You can move through the sessions as quickly or slowly as you wish and send your work to your e-tutor whenever you wish. We do, however, advise you to contact your e-tutor every so often, even if you are not actively submitting any work, so that he/she knows you are still keen in your study of Latin. Those following the externally examined courses (Eduqas, AS and A Level courses) should remember that examination takes place in May/June and that the content of the course may change from year to year.