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  • Second year components
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Our AS Latin course starts in Autumn 2023, for examination in 2024 and 2025.

The set texts will be:

Tacitus, Annals XII, 25-26, 41-43, 52-53, 56-59, 64-69
Available from Bloomsbury:

Virgil, Aeneid Book 2, 40-349
Available from Bloomsbury:

For details of the second year A Level set texts, please see the 'Second year components' tab.

Further details to come.

The A Level (2nd part) course for examination in 2025 and 2026 will have the following set texts

Tacitus, Annals XIV, 1–13
Available from Bloomsbury:
English: Tacitus, Annals XIII, 1–5, 10–18, 45–46

Virgil, Aeneid Book 2, 268–317, 370–558
Available from Bloomsbury: 
Available from Bloomsbury:
English: Virgil, Aeneid Book 2

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