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Bribery, corruption, scandal and supporters of rival factions beating each other up in the street - politics Pompeian style. Somehow Grumio finds himself in the middle of things again.

The Stories

Marcus et Quartus Page 148

Politics, posters and paint.

Sulla Page 149

Divide and conquer - the graffiti artist makes his mark.

LSP: in villa Page 151

Grumio has a cunning plan to make money out of the forthcoming election - meet Lucius Spurius Pomponianus!
You can also listen to it being spoken aloud by a prize-winning team.

LSP: prope amphitheatrum Page 152

Grumio, with Clemens in tow, heads towards the crowd of bakers who are meeting near the amphitheater.

LSP: in foro Page 152

It's showdown in the forum! Amid the political punch-up, there's a surprise waiting for Grumio...

LSP: in culina Page 153

The conclusion of the story. Grumio and Clemens are back in the kitchen and Clemens reveals that he's come off better than Grumio in more ways than one.