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Now back in uniform, Modestus and Strythio resume their military duties in the Roman legionary fortress at Deva (Chester) in north-western Britain. Do our two soldiers possess the qualities vital to the Roman army - order, discipline and courage? may be time to seize your swords and sandals, and leave camp!

The Stories

Strythio Page 74

There's a job to be done in camp - and Strythio and Modestus have been commanded to carry it out. First, however, Strythio has to overcome his guilty conscience and Modestus leave the girls alone!

Modestus custos Page 75

Our droll duo take up their duties - but with ludicrous results! Great guardians? More like comic custodians!

Modestus perfuga I Page 77

Chaos in the cells! Modestus makes a disturbing discovery.

Modestus perfuga II Page 78

There's a noise in one of the cells... Perhaps all is not lost...Romans to the rescue!

Modestus perfuga III Page 78

Lost and found! But with the commander approaching, now might be the time to leg it... (legate...commander - geddit?)