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It's time to leave the house, go into town and do business ("negotium") with some of the local merchants! The three we'll meet in this Stage represent some of the most interesting trades in Pompeii.

The Stories

in foro Page 28

Caecilius is working in the forum, the central marketplace where everyone goes to meet, trade and gossip! Luckily, he catches sight of three merchants he wants to deal with...

pictor Page 29

Time to "brush-up" on mythology! Caecilius has commissioned a painter to decorate his dining-room with a famous Roman subject. There's a superhero, a lion and a wooden club; it can only be...

tonsor Page 30

Razors at the ready! A cheeky poem leads to a very close shave for Caecilius at the barber's.

venalicius Page 31

The slave-trader is happy with his sale, and Caecilius is more than happy with his purchase - but his wife is less than amused. There could be trouble ahead!