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Latin Literature Courses ~ Poetry

The Latin literature poetry course aims to give readers an introduction to five key authors of Latin verse: Ovid, Catullus, Horace, Martial and Virgil. As with all our Latin literature courses, the poetry course also aims to develop reading competence and confidence and to nurture informed personal response to classical literature.

There are twelve sessions in the course, each requiring about 2 to 3 hours work, and each session carries with it a study assignment for submission to your e-tutor. E-tutoring is conducted primarily by email, but optional telephone, videoconference and webcam feedback can be provided for no extra charge. You may follow the course at your own pace, and your e-tutor will be available for up to 35 weeks and will be happy to receive work from you in that period at whatever rate you decide to send it.

The course uses verse literature selections from the Cambridge Latin Anthology and is organised into 12 sessions as follows:

Ovid - 'Ovid picks a favorite at the races' & 'How ordinary people enjoy a festival'
Ovid - 'The sights, sounds and seasons of the countryside' & 'Thoughts of home'
Catullus - 'How many kisses?', 'Conflicting emotions' & Can she be faithful?'
Catullus - 'Poetry and friendship' & 'Catullus invites a friend for dinner'
Horace - 'Pleasures of country life' & 'Spring, and thoughts of mortality'
Horace - 'A country spring' & 'A country festival'
Horace - 'A town mouse and a country mouse'
Martial - 'Contradictions', 'Live now!' & 'The city hour by hour'
Martial - 'The good life' & 'Recipe for happiness'
10  Virgil - 'Orpheus and Eurydice'
11  Virgil - 'Orpheus and Eurydice'
12  Virgil - 'Orpheus and Eurydice'